Center for Advanced Energy Medicine

Based on Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory

Intuitive Energy Medicine: An Introduction

A Fundamental Field® Seminar by Dr. Richard Metz – Beginning Level

Learn the scientific and practical basis of Energy Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) to help inform correct therapy, test supplements, and test foods.



  • Learn scientific and practical basis.
  • Learn to intuitively test supplements, foods, and more.
  • Self-help for individuals, and for practitioners to enhance their practice.
  • Learn to intuitively direct therapy.

Energy Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) is part of Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field Theory and Therapy. Fundamental Field Theory sees consciousness as the basis of life.  Consciousness is expressed as the fundamental forces of physics in their subtle form, which create, organize, sustain the mind and body. These forces and energies are called life or vital energy, spirit, prana, chi, ki, etc.

Energy Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) is a directed form of intuitive medicine based on the Fundamental Field Theory of Life-Energy and is an inherent part of who we are. So most, if not all, individuals can learn it.

If you already use pendulums, friction plates, diving rods, muscle testing, leg length checks, radionics, etc., for scanning energy fields, this seminar will help hone your skills and help clarify advantages, limitations, and problems with your testing.

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Fundamental Field Treatment includes these healing modalities:

Addresses the alignment of the skeleton to benefit the nervous systems.

restores the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.

focus on the flow of life energy or “chi” through the meridians.

moves “chi” with contacts made at key points called Safety Energy Locks.

recharges the primary electromagnetic fields and currents (including caduceus and chakras).