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A Fundamental Field® Seminar

For Dr. Metz’s Patients & Anyone Else

Introduction to the World's Most Advanced Energy Medicine

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In this seminar you will learn:

A Fundamental Field® Seminar

Advanced Principles of Energy Medicine and the Fundamental Field

The integration of polarity therapy, original chiropractic, acupuncture/acupressure, jin shin, and Ayurveda within the Fundamental Field’s physics and system theory model of life-energy.
Call to talk to Dr. Metz, 707-545-1347, to see if you qualify to take the seminar.

Seminar includes class notes and Dr. Metz’ book, Introduction to the Fundamental Field.

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Fundamental Field Treatment includes these healing modalities:

Addresses the alignment of the skeleton to benefit the nervous systems.

restores the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.

focus on the flow of life energy or “chi” through the meridians.

moves “chi” with contacts made at key points called Safety Energy Locks.

recharges the primary electromagnetic fields and currents (including caduceus and chakras).