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Based on Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory

Richard Metz

FF: Glossary of Terms

Copyright © 2010 – Present by Richard Metz & Maggie Begley Everything in this glossary has a unique take, via Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory & Therapy. Some are common psychological terms which you may recognize, however we use them within the context of Fundamental Field Theory & Advanced Energy Medicine Therapy, which sets them apart. (Disclaimer: The Energetic Therapy […]

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Life-Energy: The 3 Poles

In Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory of Life-Energy, the subtle energy that organizes the body is primarily magnetic energy. It is an expression of Spirit (through the fundamental forces of nature, primarily electromagnetism), in an atom-like configuration. The Fundamental Field Pattern of Life-Energy is what creates, organizes and sustains the mind, emotions and body. Chakras,

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Stressful Lives: Components, Causes & Solutions.

There are 3 Components to the Concept of Stress: The Stressor.  The Informational Processing & Perception of the Stressor.  The Stress Response & Its Effect on Our System. These all add up to decreased health & well-being. The Stressor is the situation that initiates & stimulates the Stress Response. Informational Processing & Perception by the individual (which

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