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Based on Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory

Book 3 – Scientific Basis of the Fundamental Field

Life-energy creates, organizes, and sustains living systems. The Fundamental Field (FF) is a systems theory and physics rendering of life-energy. The intrinsic nature of life-energy is consciousness. Life is the thus the creative expression of consciousness, as life-energy, which is scientifically modeled by FF approach using systems theory and physics. This chapter looks at the proposition that if the FF is the organizing framework of life, then living systems should reflect the systems and energy characteristics of the FF, which they do. The systems and energy principles that confirm the FF approach are derived from research in; biology, origin of life, medical, complex systems, and physics. Some of these principles are ‘complexity’ theory, the Poised Realm of quantum physics, and holographic principle of physics. In this chapter I also look at clinical confirmation of FF therapy beyond placebo effects.

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