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Based on Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory

Book 2 – Philosophical Basis of the Fundamental Field

In this chapter the philosophical positions, or deep theories, of Scientific Materialism or the New Atheism, Panpsychism, Fundamental Field, Intelligent Design, and Postmodernism are considered in the context of the ‘points of discussion’ presented in the previous chapter. Also examined are the problems associated with each of these positions.

These positions can be generally categorized by how they view the origins of the ‘points of discussion’, in other words, how they view the origins of scientific realism, reason, consciousness, religion, and mystic realism, summarized below:

Scientific Materialism– materially derived through scientific laws and Darwinian evolution. Fundamental Field and Panpsychism– consciousness based, but rational and scientific. Intelligent Design– through supernatural interventions by a God(s).

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