Center for Advanced Energy Medicine

Based on Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory

Book 1 – Introduction to the Fundamental Field

The Fundamental Field (FF) is an expression of consciousness as the fundamental forces of nature. It is the organizing framework of living systems. FF therapy is the application of fundamental physics (including quantum physics) and systems theory, on the human scale, using the hands-on techniques of traditional energy medicine (TEM).

The physics and systems features (patterns of energy field form, function, resonance, and interaction) of the FF traditional elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth define the patterns of therapeutic reflex points used in treatment. These points are addressed to reestablish and optimize the function of life-energy and therefore restore and optimize health. However, this is not attempting to practice medicine [Section 4.7]. The FF’s energy, systems-based, and mind-body therapeutic approach is advanced in many ways that are summarized.

Excerpt Book 2 – Philosophical Basis of the Fundamental Field     Excerpt Book 3 – Scientific Basis of the Fundamental Field

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