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Regarding my Energetic Evaluation & Bodywork Sessions, the clientele that find their way to me (usually via Dr. Metz) come seeking rest and relaxation; an antidote to the conscious and unconscious stress that they are under.  Stress and its components are one of the biggest issues that act to compromise our health and well-being, by putting extra strain on our already challenged immune systems.  Dr. Metz and I have found that at any given time, ALL of us are usually fighting some virus or another.  This is due to our shrinking world/global economy, among other external and internal challenges that are bombarding us.  In addition, the “bugs” themselves are more resistant, constantly adapting and morphing (within our system, as well as without).  These days, viruses and such don’t just affect us in obvious ways, they fly under the radar, undetected, right to our weak spots and dig in.  Most of the time, our old pains flare up, we feel extra tired and cranky, not able to cope, but few of us make the connection that we are fighting something.

Other clientele that come to us are seeking help with chronic psychological/physical pain (often, but not always, due to diseases such as cancer, as well as chemical/other sensitivities).  I have personally dealt with all of these issues at one point or another in my life.  Thus, I am very patient, understanding and compassionate.  About 90% of the people I’m working with right now are dealing with some form of cancer:  breast, ovarian, lymphatic, intestinal and prostate, to name a few.  Energy Work supports their system – before, during, and after their medical treatments/surgeries.  Some opt to do only “alternative” therapy, such as ours.  Some opt to use our therapy in conjunction with the conventional western medical approach, as Complementary Medicine. Either way, Energy Work eventually will get to the deeper psychological issues/other traumatic patterns that were instrumental in creating the disease in the first place.  So it’s a win-win situation.

For the best results, when seeking the guidance of any professional, one must find the fit that’s right for them.  These are some of the folks that have found a right fit with me – I call them my “Peeps” –  🙂 we have a mutually complimentary relationship. These comments from them were completely uncoerced, once only for my ears, now compiled for here for YOU to hear.  (Reference contacts available upon request).

These are 24 examples, for you to sample:

1).  Male, in his 80’s:

“I don’t know what you did to me, but that was the most relaxing thing I’ve ever had done to me in my life.”

This one was reluctant to come to me at first, but when I offered to him that he didn’t have to pay me unless it worked, that was the clincher.  He had been seeing medical specialists for about a year and a half for a painful skin condition, but wasn’t quite convinced I could be of any help to him either. I saw him for a total of 13 visits.  He paid me after the 1st. Along towards the 3rd treatment, he lay down and said, “Okay, work your magic.”  Then along about the 6th visit, he came in and said, “It’s almost completely gone. You’ve helped me more than anyone has been able to.”

2).  Female, in her 30’s:

“That was brilliant! I’ve been to at least five other energy-workers, and you are by far the best.”

3).  Female, in her 60’s:

“There are other good practitioners that I know, but I choose to come to you because of your good energy and I like the way you intuitively work. You and Dr. Metz, both, are such a blessing in my life”.

4).  Female, in her 60’s:

“Not everyone helps me, but you do.  I won’t spend the money unless it helps me, and you do.  The only time I can relax is when I’m here on your table and you’re working on me.  This is my only sanctuary.  Thank you for being here.”

5). Male, in his early 70’s:

“Lately, I haven’t been able to run as much, or as long.  After the one session from you, I had the best run I had had in months.  Thank you.”

6).  Female, in her late 60’s:

“After your treatment, I had my best game of golf ever.”

7).  Male, in his 50’s (from a Thank You card):

“I fell into such a deep state of inwardness, of processing, after our last session.  I know you say it’s important to give myself time afterward (like Shivasana after yoga) to digest what happened, but this was a profound one, at once empty, euphoric, expansive, lasting into the next day and unaffected by a late afternoon visit by a neighbor, cooking an elaborate meal, and a mountain of dishes.  So much more than the short tune-up you thought you might give me, as I explained to you immediately afterwards, like the ongoing quiet opening of inner doors.

It continues to fascinate me how the different pressure points, movements or sequencing, moves and awakens energy or emotion.  I am glad you are willing to follow your intuition when working on me.  Subtle changes can be major.  I remember being on my stomach and your palm on my hand, but not quite connecting, then you slid your hand back so our fingers touched our wrist’s pulse and it was like plugging in an electric socket.  A mysterious art.

I’m glad you improved on my idea of drawing someone’s idea for them, to my drawing an intuitive image of mine for them, because such a startling concept gives me an appreciation of the honing and trust in your own intuition you bring to your practice, on your Peeps behalf.  I loved the jumpstart you gave me to make images for myself on my retreat.

I said before it’s hard for me to receive, and I know it’s hard for you too, but buck up for some praise:  It matters to me so much, in my healing journey, all the gifts you give.  You give quality time.  You listen well.  You see “into.”  Your touch is caring, nurturing, restorative.  You let me be vulnerable by being vulnerable yourself.  I can be myself in your presence.  You hug without barriers.  You know the value of silliness and laughter.  You validate my needs, who I am, who I want to become.  You are an A.P.P. (Awesome Peep Potentiator)!”

8).  Female, in her 80’s:

“Would you try not to mess up my hair so much”. 🙂

9). Female, in her 60’s:

“Being here is so wonderful. Finally I get to be nurtured. You and Dr. Metz are such a blessing in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you.”


10). Female, in her 60’s:

“I feel so different; I feel alive again!”

When a client who’s undergoing chemotherapy barely made it in to see me (suffering from fatigue and frightened by having feelings of “no will to live”) and left after an hours session with a spark in her eye, the above is what she said to me.

11).  Female, in her 50’s:

“While I was face down and you were working on me, I felt and saw the room filling with angels.  You are very supported.”

12).  Male, in his 50’s:

“Let me see your hands!  What are you doing?  Soaking them in hot water?”  I often have clients tell me that my hands are like hot water bottles. 🙂

13). Female, in her 60’s:

“I wish my insurance covered polarity, it’s so much more relaxing than massage.”

14). Female, just turned 70:

“I meditate, but it’s hard to remember the importance of stillness throughout the day. With you I can hold that stillness and it feels good.”

I saw this client again, in the ‘outside world’.  After only seeing me twice, I wondered why she didn’t return. She volunteered the answer saying, “After I saw you, I was able to go off my sleep meds, so I haven’t felt the urgent need to come back to see you.” 

15). Female, in her 50’s:

“When our session is through, I feel like I do when I’ve just finished my yoga routine. Balanced and relaxed.”

16). Female, in her 50’s:

“When you work on me I feel my emotions come up. That’s what I want.”

17). Female, in her 60’s:

“I just met you and I feel safe with you.”

18). Female, in her 50’s:

“I need one of your loving treatments.”

19.) Female, in her 50’s:

“I lay there and get excited thinking about when I get to come back next.” 

20). Female in her 60’s:

“Didn’t Dr. Metz tell you that you need to come to my house everyday?” Lol.

21). This one’s for Dr. Metz. He and I were working on a client. Female, 70:

“Dr. Metz, you are severely lacking in falderal and fluff. Not all this new-agey stuff.”

22). I’ve heard countless clients say this to Dr. Metz:

“You saved my life when no one else could understand or help me, you could, did & do.”

Last but not least, just to ‘keep it real’, there are the occasional humbling comments…from folks who feel that we are not quite the right fit: 🙂

23).  Female, in her 50’s:

“I don’t know what you’re doing and I don’t think you’re helping me at all.  What you are doing is not the polarity therapy I know.”  

I think she was expecting more of a deep, tamasic, touch like something she had experienced previously with another practitioner. In my opinion, even though she wasn’t quite on board, the treatment did help her.

24). Male, in his 40’s:

“I didn’t feel anything at all. But I did like the energy tracing.”

Again, in my opinion my treatment helped. It’s just a matter of preferences and/or being in tune with the subtle energies.

All of us have our own unique approach to the work, that’s why I encourage shopping around until you find someone who is a fit for you.  That connection is equally valuable to the healing experience.

I’ve also heard many times (just today in fact), from several of my Peeps, how much they like coming to see both Dr. Metz and I, either simultaneously, alternating or in succession.  They find it very beneficial that we are on the same page; we have our own unique personality and talents to offer, but within the same broader healing context.  And our front-desk Manager, Christina, has a patient and compassionate listening ear, as Peeps come in and out of their sessions.

We ALL work as a TEAM to promote YOUR healing, and YOU are the most important team-member. 🙂

Copyright © 2013 – Present by Maggie Begley

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