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FF: Glossary of Terms

Copyright © 2010 – Present by Richard Metz & Maggie Begley

Everything in this glossary has a unique take, via Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field® Theory & Therapy. Some are common psychological terms which you may recognize, however we use them within the context of Fundamental Field Theory & Advanced Energy Medicine Therapy, which sets them apart. (Disclaimer: The Energetic Therapy we do at our Center for Advanced Energy Medicine is not a substitute for medical care. For medical diagnosis, monitoring & treatment of such conditions, please consult your physician/psychologist). 

Terms listed with (FF) prefixes mean that they are a concept unique to Dr. Metz & part of his Theory. We have put this list together for the benefit of our patients/clients (& those who visit our websites), as a reference guide for the terminology we use during our treatments & the ensuing healing processes.

Listed alphabetically, not categorically:

Addiction / Codependence / Passive-Aggressiveness / Obsessive-Compulsiveness / Anal-Retentiveness = unconsciously motivated dysfunctional behaviors which attempt to meet needs/calm anxiety/gain control in indirect ways, without having to face the problem head on, through: relinquishing personal power through dependence fixation; care-taking others at sacrifice to one’s self; non-confrontational hostility; fixation on indulgent & repetitive activities; fixation on order & perfectionism.

Block = disruption in the flow of energy (mind, body, emotion, spirit).

Chakra = literal meaning is “spinning wheel”; denotes various energy centers throughout the body.

Compensation = a survival/adaptive strategy which doesn’t resolve a problem, but it’s what helps to keep us together by having another area, of our system or our lifestyle, pick up the slack & allow us to function until we’re ready to heal (a neutralizing vector charge). Compensations can be supported as part of the therapy. Even smoking, overeating or overworking can be a compensation, which shouldn’t necessarily be taken away before dealing with the deeper issues that they are compensating for, otherwise they’ll just pop up in another unhealthy way.

Conflict = at odds within self – can be the conscious mind vs. unconscious mind, the conscious mind vs. conscious mind, or the unconscious mind vs. unconscious mind.

Decompensation = getting worse because the thing was allowing us to function has been taken away at the wrong time. This can render us unable to function without any real benefit & make us act/feel crazy. A therapy which is wrong for us or takes us too far can decompensate us. Even a flu bug, a bad night’s sleep or the wrong foods can, as well. A specific stress such as this can specifically alter / effect the compensation we have in place, in a direct & localized way.

Defense = a survival/adaptive strategy which doesn’t resolve a problem, but it’s what keeps us together by creating a block in that energy field. We are anticipating & warding off “danger” by creating a barrier to protect the self, which blocks energy. The energy in the system that wants to flow is continually pushing against the defensive block. Maintaining that block takes a lot of energy, puts pressure on us & creates conflict, pain/discomfort within us (mentally/emotionally/physically).

Depletion = getting worse / feeling badly because of energies being drained in a specific area, can be cumulative or for various reasons.

Destabilization = getting worse, a specific stress which causes a generalized stress reaction, weakening the entire system & showing all the weakest links.

Dissociation = parts of the system run away into space (the subtle ether aspect of the body) in order to escape. Dissociated parts have escaped for a reason…too much pain to deal with at one time. These dissociated parts can wreck havoc, until the time comes for them to be healed.

Displacement = can’t deal with the situation in one place, so it’s thrown into a “safer” place that it would not normally go (takes a lot of unconscious energy, intention & effort).

Enmeshment = internalizing/responding to/taking responsibility for the “Need”, or expectations, being directed specifically at you, inappropriately, by someone else in order to get their needs met & making you responsible for doing so (like “Need”, usually initially experienced with a parent when we were young, making us more vulnerable now).

Emergent = something that is too complex to figure out the causes of.  Emergence comes from of a number of complex factors, as opposed to one non-complex factor.

Feedback = Part of emergence, but can be on its own. You can have negative feedback (as in subtracting) which is a self-reinforcing cycle that detracts on itself, dampening or inhibiting, resisting change, holding something stable that’s out of balance. For example, a thermostat climate control which keeps the temperature at the same level. Positive feedback (as in adding) is a self-reinforcing cycle that builds or amplifies on itself, making things grow exponentially, encouraging a change, like when a microphone-speaker screeches.

Fundamental Field (FF) = is the name for the fundamental pattern which arranges the field of subtle Life-Energy, organizing matter into the forms & functions of life, as a large-scale atomic structure. FF Theory & Therapy was developed by Dr. Richard Metz.

(FF) 3 Components of Stress:

  • Stressor = the actual cause, internal / external
  • Information Processing = how we perceive of & react to the stressor
  • Stress Effects = how the cause / processing affects our system

(FF) 3 Magnetic Poles:

  • Positive Pole = conscious/subconscious mind, thoughts body, head & spinal cord associated with chiropractic & cranio-sacral therapy, central nervous system.
  • Neutral Pole = semi-conscious mind, sensations body, meridian points all over the body associated with acupuncture & jin shin jyutsu points, parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Negative Pole = unconscious mind, emotions body, chakra system at caduceus associated with ayurveda & polarity therapy, sympathetic nervous system.

(FF) 3 Types of Treatment/Process/Effect:

  • Beneficial = addresses one or more symptoms. Differentiated from therapeutic – a temporary, though beneficial, shift of energy which does not address the deeper problems, but may hold you together / make you feel better in the meantime. After stopping the therapy, the symptoms usually return (like when that cup of coffee wears off, this can apply to supplements or treatments too, as well as other interactions with people/places/things).
  • Performance-Enhancing = enhances the energy facilities, ahead of time, that are needed to perform better in a specific situation (which may address a specific symptom).
  • Therapeutic = addresses one or more causes, a deeper & more lasting shift in energy which continues after stopping the actual therapy (treatment, supplements, or otherwise).

(FF) 3 Aspects of Fundamental Field Therapy: 

  • Energy Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) / Intuitive Medicine
  • Energy Awareness Dialogue (Reflection) / Integration
  • Energy-Balancing Touch (Hands-on) / Bodywork

(FF) 4 Quadrant States & Pathways of the Phase Space Fractal Atom (PSFA) = the value of all the variables in one’s FF, how they interact, & define their position on the PSFA Quadrants, which are referred to as the States of Stability/Adaptability, Yang/Yin (all can apply to either gender). A normal State for males is Yang/Stable & for females is Yin/Adaptable. The problem lies when we become hypo- or hyper- in any direction.

  • Stability = a normal & healthy state, characterized by low connection, low energy, conscious/rationally driven, past-oriented, internally referenced (self), & more boundary. Extremes of Stability are out of balance & unhealthy & lead to a Resistant Status. (Resistance Pathway is in the direction of Stable-Adaptable Axis of PSFA Quadrant States).
  • Adaptability =  a normal & health state characterized by high connection, high energy, unconscious emotion, future-oriented, externally referenced (others), & less boundary. Extremes of Adaptability are out of balance & unhealthy & lead to a Reactive Status. (Reactivity Pathway is in the direction of Adaptable-Stable Axis of PSFA Quadrant States).
  • Yang = a normal & healthy state, characterized by low connectivity, high energy, conscious/rationally driven, future-oriented, externally referenced, & more boundary. Extremes of Yang are out of balance & unhealthy & lead to Hyper-Yang Status. (Yang Pathway is in the direction of Male-Female Axis of PSFA Quadrant States).
  • Yin = a normal & healthy state characterized by high connectivity, low energy, unconscious/emotionally driven, past-oriented, internally-referenced, & less boundary. Extremes of Yin are out of balance & unhealthy & lead to Hyper-Yin Status. (Yin Pathway is in the direction of Female-Male Axis of PSFA Quadrant States).

(FF) 5 Components of Intuition: 

  • Energy Resonance
  • Higher Knowing
  • Psychic Phenomena
  • Subliminal Processing of Sensory Information
  • Synchronous Resonance

(FF) 5 Levels of Vibration:

  • Psychology = Emotions, Passions, Issues
  • Motion = Elongated, Speed, Shaking, Moving, Contracted
  • Physiological Motivation = Sleep, Breath, Hunger, Reproduction, Elimination
  • Biochemistry = Organs/Organ Systems, Diet, Infection, Disease
  • Structure = Hair, Skin, Vessels, Muscle, Bones

(FF) 6 Situational Questions/Answers To Be Considered In Regards to Adaptive Strategies / Physical Manifestations / Behaviors / Accidents / Events / Traumas (“Was this situation a result of..?”):

  • Purpose = something that’s unconsciously & intentionally created by us for a reason, to serve a purpose in our life. We change our energy to manifest it.
  • Consequence = something that’s a consequence of something that’s been created for a purpose. It has no purpose itself, but it’s the price we pay for the manifestation.
  • Co-Opting = something that occurs afterwards – using something that comes along, altering it, hanging on to it & using it for a purpose.
  • Circumstance = something that just happened, that anyone may have experienced if put in the same situation.
  • Combination of the Above
  • None of the Above (i.e., stems from something like stress or depletion).

(FF) 6 Subsystems & their Associations. These are established systems in & of themselves, which Dr. Metz considers as part of the Fundamental Field Pattern:

  • Ayurveda/Polarity Therapy System (5 Elemental Chakras) = associated with the chakras at the caduceus on the midline of the torso: 1.) Ether (Throat); 2.)  Air (Heart); 3.) Fire (Solar Plexus); 4.) Water (Sacral); 5.) Earth(Root). Ayurveda/Polarity Therapy Associations ~ Digit – Element (Chakra) Emotion: Thumbs & Big Toes – Ether Element (Throat Chakra #5) Joy & Grief; Index Fingers & Toes – Air Element (Heart Chakra #4) Love & Sadness; Middle Fingers & Toes – Fire Element (Solar Plexus Chakra #3) Forgiveness & Anger; Ring Fingers & Toes – Water Element (Sacral Chakra #2) Bonding & Detachment; Pinky Fingers & Toes – Earth Element (Root Chakra #1) Courage & Fear.
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy = a relatively recent energy-based therapy developed here in the U.S. by physician & osteopath William Sutherland in 1898-1890; therapy focuses on the areas of the skull, cerebral spinal fluid, & sacrum.
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu = literally means Art of God & Man, an ancient form of energy-based therapy from Asian traditions, consisting of 26 Safety Energy Locks – points of energy – on the Universal Harmonizing Energy Circulation Pattern. Jin Shin Jyutsu Associations ~ Digit – Emotion:  Thumbs – Worry; Index Fingers – Fear & Anxiety; Middle Fingers – Anger; Ring Fingers – Grief; Pinky Fingers  – Pretense/Trying too Hard.
  • Polarity Therapy = an energy-based therapy developed by Austrian-born naturopathic, osteopathic, & chiropractic doctor, Randolph Stone, in the 1950’s; first to combine an ancient form of healing, Indian ayurveda, with modern scientific principles.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Meridian System – 5 Elements associated with the chakras on the hands & feet: 1.) Water; 2.) Wood; 3.) Fire4.) Earth; 5.) MetalTCM Associations ~ Digit – Element (Meridian):  Thumbs – Metal (Lungs); Index Fingers – Metal (Large Intestines); Middle and Ring Fingers – Fire 2 (Circulation /Sex / Pericardial and Triple Warmer); Pinky Fingers – Fire 1 (Heart & Small Intestines); Big Toes – Wood & Earth (Liver & Spleen); Index Toes – Earth (Stomach); Middle Toes N/A; Ring Toes – Wood (Gall Bladder); Pinky Toes – Water (Kidney & Bladder). These organ meridians are said to be most influenced by these Seven Emotions:  Heart = Joy; Kidney/Lungs = Fear & Fright; Lungs/Large Intestines = Grief & Anxiety; Spleen = Pensiveness; Liver/Stomach/Spleen = Anger.

Healing Crisis = a vital part of the healing process, when a compensation is taken away, or released, at the right time, when you have the energy/support to deal with something you were previously unable to let go of. This can be extremely uncomfortable, disturbing or unsettling, especially if you try to fight it. After all, this is the gunk you’ve been avoiding for the very reason that it is so painfully unbearable. Try not to analyze or judge. You must be present & “feel it to heal it.”  You don’t have to “do” anything to try to fix it. This is not about taking action. This is about lovingly & compassionately giving yourself the space & permission to face the pain & be with it. No one can do it for you, or make it better. It is recommended to have a trusted other to call on if it gets too unbearable, especially if you think you might hurt yourself. If you are alone, try to bring yourself back into your body & calm down by taking a shower, eating, going outside (in bare feet), cuddling an animal, or reading a comforting spiritual or inspirational text.

Health Crisis = Allopathic medical intervention is needed.

Increased Defense/Compensation/Conflict = when you are pushed toward something, either internally/externally, & you don’t want to be; it is beyond your resources to deal with it & you feel extremely overwhelmed (the least little thing, from another person’s point of view, could be what pushes you over the edge & even you may not know why).

Need = internalizing/responding to/taking responsibility for the general neediness in your environment, which is not specifically directed at you, but that you are vulnerable to.

Normal Process = any “healthy, well-balanced” person would react in the same way in your situation; it is a normal & natural process that you’re going through.

Over-Compensation = taking a neutralizing/counterbalancing compensation too far, past the point of utility, thereby creating new symptoms within the compensation.

Pathway = the intensified & specific flow of energy in a particular direction (i.e. meridian).

Point = a concentrated area of energy that reflexes to other places in the body.

Processing / Re-associating = usually part of the healing process, though it can happen as a result of decompensation which is not ideal. Working through something, reconnecting with formerly dissociated parts of the energetic system (this can happen unconsciously, you may feel its effects but not know what’s going on). This cannot be forced through will alone, but what we can do is to set an intention for healing, remain open to the process & trust it, be mindful & “feel it”, but try not to “act out” on others. The energy is moving through all of the system & you are dealing with it without dissociation or compensation blockages. You can have processing without releasing, but not releasing without processing, unless it’s not in a healing context – retrauma or decompensation.

Processing Sensitivity = new on old trigger (there is some objective truth to what’s happening, but subjectively your reactive charge is more intense than it should be for the actual circumstances). Usually occurs when we are also going through, & trying to deal with, the processing/releasing phase of healing. This can make us more prone to projection/transference.

Projecting = projecting our inner psyche outwards. Making someone else responsible by attributing (something in one’s own mind) to another person, group, or object (i.e., you yourself are angry, but you don’t see it, you see the other person as the one who is angry & therefore the one with the problem). Usually this manifests in our relationships (unconsciously) because of the dysfunctional bonding patterns we formed as children. We unconsciously attract, or are attracted to, the people or situations which resonate with this pattern, until we heal it within ourselves.

Recapitulation = repeating a childhood pattern (automatically implies retraumatization, reenactment of something that is unresolved, dissociation & transference).

Recovering = resolving an issue; processing, integrating, & accepting it into your system.

Regression = not part of the healing process, getting worse, reacting negatively, energies are heading in the wrong direction.

Releasing = when the energy starts to shift as a part of processing as part of healing, or as a result of decompensation, what emerges from letting go of compensation/releasing the blocks. This cannot be forced through will, but what we can do is to set an intention for healing, remain open to the process & trust it, be mindful & “feel it”, but try not to “act out” on others.

Reorganizing = part of the healing process, usually a more permanent shift to a higher state (or lower, which may not be healing).

Resolving = part of healing, getting better, reacting positively, energies are heading in the right direction.

Retracing = same process as regressing, except this is part of the healing process. Letting down defenses & letting go of compensations, if they exist, & then putting them back up again & going backwards, in order to stabilize & consolidate gains (two steps forward & one step back). Applies to more than just psychological processing.

Retrauma Sensitivity = part of the healing process, new on old trigger (we are still sensitive, but not out of projection or transference, a more mindful, less reactionary state). Sensitivity is conscious, which makes it better than a reactionary state of projection & transference.

Sanskara = a trauma/issue that we have brought with us from a past life, & is still affecting us. If it can’t be explained by this life then it is sanskaric, everything else is karma.

Stabilization = an incomplete compensation that keeps you stable. It is not neutralizing, but it keeps you from getting worse.

Transferring = making someone else responsible by redirecting feelings & desires, especially those unconsciously retained from childhood, towards a new object. Transference is a more global form of Projection, like “Projection-Gestalt”, taken as whole, not as a summation of individual parts. Usually manifests in our relationships (unconsciously) because of the dysfunctional bonding patterns we formed as children; unconsciously we attract, or are attracted to, the people/situations that resonate with this pattern, until we heal it.

Trauma/Retrauma (Old/New) = an emotional/mental/physical/physiological event which causes damage & can trigger a defensive/compensatory reaction pattern that blocks energy.

(Last updated 7/15/15).

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