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Life-Energy: Air

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Our mind affects our body, and our body affects our mind. It’s all interconnected. Here is some information about the mind-body connection via Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field Theory. I know it’s a different way of viewing things for most of you who will read it. It has its roots in Indian Ayurvedic philosophy, and Polarity Therapy (which its creator, Dr. Randolph Stone, referenced and then linked it to modern science via the magnetic model of energy). Dr. Metz has taken it a step further.

Energy is what animates us and gives us life. There are several vibratory components in the body, expressing this Energy in various ways. All of nature is made up of these subtle elemental energies, all with different rates of vibration, from subtle to gross: Ether (Space), Air (Gases), Fire (Transformations), Water (Fluids) and Earth (Solids). In terms of density, Air is the second most subtle of the energies. Dividing the Elements of our energetic body, and approaching them in the following way, helps us to organize and understand its features better. But when it comes down to it, there is a lot of overlay, interplay and interaction going on that is not so cut and dry. You will find something you can relate to in all of these Elements, but a few might stand out for you more than others.  The Fundamental Field Theory/Therapy applies to animals as well. Your pets have their own problems, and like children, they are energetic sponges for what’s going on around them, in their caretakers’ lives.

These elements are also associated with the Astrological signs. Air in particular represents the signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini. In the following descriptions of Air, the Air Signs (or those with lots of Air in their charts) are most vulnerable in the areas mentioned. Air is near and dear to my heart, as I am a Libra, a self-proclaimed “bleeding heart”, an obsessive thinker, a fast-talker, and have breathing problems and immune disorders, to name a few things.

In the body, the Air Element arises from the #4/Heart Chakra as it spins, carrying a negative electrostatic charge. The Heart Chakra is located in the region of the heart, with reflex areas at the shoulder tops, thymus, mid-back, kidneys, calves, ankles, index fingers and index toes; it also encompasses the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and immune systems. It also involves the qualities of movement, gentleness, lightness, quickness, and mental acuity.

The Air Element also pertains to the issues of: How you perceive and deal with yourself and others in terms of unconditional love, affection, compassion, charity, empathy, passing judgement, receiving or offering emotional and mental support; If we are having challenges with issues such as these, they are usually old ones, being triggered by new ones. We are unconscious of many of the traumas we carry around with us. Those past thoughts and emotions often get disassociated and “thrown off” for our physical body to hold, and deal with.  Psychologically, Air is associated with love, desire, sadness, and disappointment; it is speedy motion; physiologically, it is associated with breathing; biochemically, it is associated with the bodily fluid, sweat, as well as interference from food, supplementation, drugs, allergies, sickness, and disease (including cancer) that affect the Air reflex areas/organs; structurally, it is associated with the skin.

Any depletion or excess in this chakra, be it emotional, mental or physical (whether you are consciously OR unconsciously aware of it), will affect these areas in particular, as well as your entire system. The mind/emotions can affect the body. For example, if you are in a situation in which you feel you are not being cheered on or supported, or feeling suffocated by “smother love”, it may show up physically with lung problems, tight shoulders, or immune trouble due to a weak thymus. Your physical body can also affect your emotional body. So, if you are stressing your body by living or working in a smoke-filled or allergenic environment, this may challenge your lungs and destabilize your emotions around feelings of disappointment or lack of affection about something that is already an issue in your life, making it feel worse. This is partly how the mind-body connection works. Of course, each person and situation is different, and the interactions can be a little more complex than that, but Dr. Metz and I have a handle on that in terms of helping you to figure it out. That’s our job!

If you have problems with any of these things, it could be due to blockages in these particular areas, or at any point in the system which reflexes to these areas. Dr. Metz/myself would determine that by using what Dr. Metz calls “Energy Resonance Methods”, which is a skill that one can learn, a “felt sense”, not necessarily a psychic or an intuitive one. (It’s like tuning an instrument, or your voice, to a pitch pipe. You can hear and feel the resonance, whether the two are in tune or not. Anyone can develop this skill with desire and practice.) Similarly, Dr. Metz and I can scan one’s system with a question in mind, and we can feel the resonant pull of energy when we’re in sync with the question. For instance, we could ask, “What is the energy in the system currently dealing with that is most urgent?” We might get verification on our answer by running our hands along the body, and feeling a resonance when we get to the kidneys, which could mean the Air Element is being disrupted. That would pose another set of questions, such as: “Is this person stressed and by what? What is draining the energy there?”

Some Air Issues that could be in question are: Are you experiencing too many mental demands, taking intensive night classes after a full day’s work? Not eating enough fruit and nuts? Feeling overly compassionate, crying at commercials and the like? Unable to get in touch with your true heart’s desires? Unable to connect from the heart or say “I love you” with ease? Feeling scattered and/or moving too fast? Air-headed, or too “in your head”?

After information is gathered, through these means and discussion with the client, bodywork can then begin. There is another set of questions that helps direct the customized protocol, but intuition, in addition to resonance, is now the best way to treat the energetic system, being that it is interconnected in ways that are complex and not linear.

During a treatment, the client’s system takes in the energy being radiated and focused by the polarity and placement of the practitioner’s hands, like acupuncture does with needles (and jumper cables do with a battery). With the intention and attention, of both practitioner and client, towards “Highest Healing Good”, the client’s own innate intelligence does triage and sends the energy to where it’s needed most. After the treatment Dr. Metz/I would again reassess the client again, via Energy Resonance Scan, and make suggestions as to what the client might do to facilitate/maintain an energetic balance appropriate to their system.

In general, these are some of the ways you can keep your Air Element balanced: Surrounding yourself with, or wearing, the color green; listening to, or playing, high-pitched fast music; engaging in the art of dance; focusing on the sense of touch and sour tastes; and eating green food, and foods that grow 6 feet or more above the ground (fruits, seeds and nuts).

The key to keeping everything in balance is not to over-do or under-do anything. “Everything in moderation” is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s important to at least keep ourselves reminded of that fact, and have fun exploring the possibilities!

Copyright © 2011 – Present by Maggie Begley

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