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Bodywork by Maggie

Maggie Begley Energetic Evaluation & Bodywork

I consider the opportunity to walk alongside my clients on their healing path as an honor and a privilege. My approach is with a commitment towards love, compassion, and the highest of intentions. 

To view my offerings, fees, and appointment availability, please click the ‘Immediate Online Scheduling’ tab in the menu-bar of my site (or the ‘Maggie’s Site(s)’ in this site’s menu-bar to get to mine.  Or, with no further log-in from your computer (or so I’m told), when on Facebook just go to my Page, ‘The Spirited Soul’, and click the scheduling link.

The following description of my work also applies to my Remote Contact: Energy-Balancing Treatments. which are available from a distance.

For a prequel of me & my philosophy: Check out my casual impromptu 11 minute video, although it’s from 2011, it’s still relevant.  

The bodywork that I offer promotes effective self-healing by facilitating the movement, unblocking and balancing of your system’s subtle, magnetically polarized Life-Energy, from which all things physical manifest.  My work addresses your physical, mental, and emotional energy fields which are interconnected within you and combine to produce your current state of being.  The polarity and energy of my hands as they touch your body changes your energy field, especially due to my therapeutic intent, as well as yours.  My hands automatically intensify or inhibit the flow of energy in your system, as necessary – your own body doing triage, giving the energy to the areas most in need at the moment. (For a definition of the terms you may hear Dr. Metz and I use in conjunction with your session, or here on this website, please consult our FF Glossary of Terms).

It is not necessarily good for a person to release old patterns before he/she is ready to do so and has the proper energy and resources to deal with the results.  For old trauma to be released, it is up to our own body’s innate intelligence to determine when, if, and how this will happen.  Dr. Metz and I just help point things in the right direction.  These treatments reestablish your normal energy pattern so that you can better resonate and draw energy from universal sources – food, other people, nature, etc.  When we are compromised, we lose our normal energy pattern; all we get is static.  This work helps one to get back in tune, reorganizing the system to a more efficient state, so energy can be drawn in and function at optimal levels. I do this using the protocols of my mentor, Dr. Metz, and his Fundamental Field® Therapy (which includes cranial-facial-sacral points, acupuncture/jin shin meridian points on hands and feet, and the ayurveda/polarity therapy chakra system at your midline and associated reflex areas (and traits).

Rather than manipulating the tissues, my emphasis is on manipulating the energy field, from which all else manifests (that’s why it’s called “Fundamental”).  Therefore, I may not directly contact your specific area of concern, but rather the areas to which I’m drawn, the reflex areas.  In doing so, I am supporting your entire system in its healing, including your specific area of concern.  There are many energetic pathways and corresponding reflex areas throughout the body, as well as complex interacting variables which are affecting your system.  Because of my training I am familiar with the most common pathways; I know how to address them, by utilizing Intuition and Energy Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) as my mode of evaluation, which is the way it is most effectively and efficiently accomplished. In this way, every time you come to me you get a treatment uniquely customized to your needs.

During a session you’ll recline clothed on the treatment table (or disrobe to the level of your comfort, with sheet covering).  Using my knowledge of the subtle energetic patterns of your body, with my hands and intuition as my guide, I determine when and where to apply various modes of gentle/firm touch, as needed:  holds, patting, tapping, tracing, traction, rocking, shaking, deep pressure and/or light massage.

As with water making its way through a hose, when debris is removed in one area the flow of water in the whole hose is affected.  The same is true of the energy in the body, it is connected, and the whole system is affected by the blocking and unblocking of a specific area.  I may need to shake, press, and squeeze to loosen the debris, or I may need to increase the pressure on one side of the clog in order to push it through. (Sore spots are points where many energy fields in your blocked pattern are converging and interacting). As a result, the energy begins to free-up, move and reorganize to where it’s needed most.

You may feel heat or cold, experience wave-like sensations, sigh deeply, become very relaxed.  You may become uncomfortable at times as you release old and familiar aches and pains, or have other types of common releases (i.e., hiccups, murmuring, yawning, itching, twitching, tingling…).  Certain impressions may also release into your consciousness:  thoughts, emotions, memories, colors or other imagery.  You may feel absolutely nothing taking place, or you may have a profound experience.  I generally stay quiet so that I can listen to your body directing me, but you are free to express yourself however you need to, or not at all.  Each time is different for each person.

After a session, you may continue to feel inexplicable shifts in your emotional, mental or physical states, in the days or weeks following your visit.  You may feel instantly better, or you may feel worse for a day or two.  If worse, though it can be unsettling, this too is a vital part of the holistic healing process. Unresolved traumas and deeply held adaptive patterns, coupled with the ups and downs of daily living, are often what create depletion or excess in our system.  These distortions affect us, right down to a cellular level, and prevent the free flow of life-sustaining energy, causing imbalance, distress and ill-health.

When old patterns are brought to the surface and allowed to release, a new standard of well-being can emerge.  There are often many layers to peel away.  Don’t worry; your body’s innate intelligence will direct the pacing, timing, and avenues of release and growth that are just right for you.  Have faith and trust the process, even if it gets difficult.  Transitions such as these originate on a higher, subtle energetic level, and may take some time to reach conscious, physical awareness or understanding, but in the meantime progress IS being made.  From personal experience, I feel that it does help to have a good support system; namely and foremost, some sort of spiritual belief and/or ‘grounding’ practice to hold onto, especially when your healing presents challenges, such as doubts, frustration and fear that things won’t improve.

Having treatments over time, with renewed perspective, a sense of clarity and an improved ability to deal with past and present life issues evolves.  Healthier boundaries can then begin to form — accepting responsibility for our own feelings, thoughts, behaviors and actions, and letting others do the same for themselves; forgiving and letting go; valuing, embracing and expressing ourselves more fully.  By connecting to, integrating with, and reflecting on all the many facets of one’s self, we can learn to better hear, appreciate, respect and rely on our own intuitive inner voice – if we take the time in silence to LISTEN and to TRUST.  This is a dynamic, life-long process.

My goal as a practitioner is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for you, to remain present and attentive.  In my treatment room, the environment I create for myself and my clients – emotionally, physically and aesthetically – is very important to me.  For instance, treatment time is usually quiet-time, and I only use a water fountain and recordings of nature sounds.  I feel it is most soothing and not as emotionally provocative or stimulating as music. If I use any products they are unscented. I, as well as several of my clients are sensitive to fragrances, so please help us in that regard if you do come in for a visit.

I am a certified Associated Polarity Practitioner (APP) mentoring with Dr. Richard Metz, as a Fundamental Field® Therapist.   

Client feedback & references available at this link: Complementary Clients

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(Last edited/reviewed 7/14/2017)

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Bodywork by Maggie

I consider the opportunity to walk alongside my clients on their healing path as an honor and a privilege. My approach