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Our Mission at the Center is to accomplish effective and efficient healthcare, which requires us to:

  1. Honor Each Person’s Spiritual Nature
  2. Have a Scientifically-Based Theory
  3. Facilitate Personal Responsibility and Empowerment
  4. Offer Resources, Information and Support

techniques practiced at the center

graphic chart of four disciplines in fundamental field

Subsystems of the Fundamental Field Pattern:

Chiropractic and Cranio-Sacral are the Positive Pole, Acupuncture and Jin Shin are the Neutral Pole, and the Chakra System of Ayurveda and Polarity Therapy are the Negative Pole.  (Illustrations are simplified).

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The Fundamental Field® (of Advanced Energy Medicine) provides a scientific theory with a therapeutic application. It is a uniquely new and modern approach to medicine and healing, traditional/energy medicine in particular.


Dr. Metz has built his theory on life-energy, as it is expressed through the fundamental forces of nature and science (i.e. physics and systems theory). This life-energy is our fundamental spiritual essence as intrinsic consciousness. It is what creates, organizes and sustains our mind and body.


The Fundamental Field itself is an actual field of polarized energy embodied in an atom-like pattern.  This field is the basis for Fundamental Field Therapy, which balances life-energy, thereby restoring health, promoting self-awareness and healing.

Four Energy Medicine Disciplines, combined graphic

The 8 Characteristics of the Fundamental Field:

  1. Humanistic and Patient-Centered Medicine
  2. Advanced Energy Medicine
  3. Expanded Mind-Body Medicine
  4. Holistic Medicine
  5. Systems and Holism Medicine
  6. Contextual and True Generalist Medicine
  7. By Scientific Necessity, Intuitive Medicine 
  8. Valuable Adjunct to Conventional Medicine and Psychotherapy

The 3 Aspects of Fundamental Field Therapy:

  1. Energy Resonance Evaluation (Scanning) / Intuitive Medicine
  2. Energy Awareness Dialogue (Reflection) / Integration
  3. Energy-Balancing Touch (Hands-on) / Bodywork

The form and function of the Fundamental Field defines a large number of unique, effective, and efficient therapeutic reflex points and patterns which are exclusive to the Fundamental Field, as well as all the points of traditional energy medicine. Most importantly, it provides the means to integrate all these points into one approach. In this manner, life and health are addressed at their most fundamental level, and it is revealed how one can benefit from these subsystems, simultaneously, in one Fundamental Field Therapy session.

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